Imagoo se simte Acasa

Primesc astazi un mesaj prin care sunt invitat sa vad ce s-a intamplat cu portalul Chiar asa, ce s-a intamplat? (Eu am vazut, vezi si tu aici.) Moment in care felicit echipa si recunosc deschis ca imi place noul look al portalului
Si, fireste, o intrebare: cat de eficienta este, in cele din urma, o idee creativa? Sau, altfel spus, vi se pare ok ideea pusa in practica?

[Actualizare:] Echipa vorbeste utilizatorilor despre campania “Hacking”.


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  1. […] Via Orlando and Sorin, I see that the new version of is now online. They also did a little rebranding but the fuzz is over nothing. Let me remind you that if you want an e-mail account, you still receive a 5MB mailbox (hilarious) and as Vlad Stan is aiming to take out Kappa and become no.2 after Neogen, there is more and more porn on the website – this is an issue even inside Netbridge as there are voices trying to convince Stan to keep it low with the porn as they try to build a strong community of educational websites. So, is just a new logo on the old website and probably more porn for the average Joe. […]